European Projects Building on the "Ano Magniton Nisoi" project

MeDryDive ( is a European Union co-financed project (COSME programme) that supports the “Dive in History” tourism product and at the same time promotes the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Greece, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro. MeDryDive incorporates elements of the Cultural and Creative Industry such as Augmented Reality applications and educational games that will enrich the tourist experience and stimulate interest in the Underwater Cultural Heritage. MeDryDive will develop a transnational tourism product, a Dry Dive serious game, an AR app for visitors to enjoy in public space and a promotional video of the diving activities available in the Mediterranean pilot sites.


MaR-e-BoX aims at promoting the European Underwater Cultural and Natural Heritage through awareness of cultural and natural wealth and public awareness. In this endeavor, new technologies and part of the Cultural and Creative industry are used for enhancing cultural / artistic experiences in exhibitions (e.g. in museums and art galleries) and to highlight new forms of creative collaboration between artists, scientists, engineers, archaeologists, and other organizations.

BLUEMED ( is a Euro-Mediterranean project for the promotion and protection of the Mediterranean's underwater cultural and natural heritage for the development of sustainable tourism in the region through the creation of Accessible Underwater Archaeological Sites and the operation of Knowledge Awareness Centers (KACs), using innovative technologies such as augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The first two KACs in Alonissos and Amaliapoli are already open as information and awareness centers for the general public.

An innovative tourism-cultural product entitled "Dive in History" ( was created with the cooperation of the European Commission, through the European Union's project "Underwater Cultural Route in Classical Antiquity”. The participation of Greece and Italy in this project is evidence of their common interest in underwater antiquities as well as of their common heritage and shared cultural values.