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Stathis Panagiotopoulos

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

"Having spent almost my whole diving career in Alonissos, I had the rare chance to dive the ancient wreck of Peristera. This is probably the oldest accessible to recreational scuba divers’ shipwreck in the world and we may say that is a site as unique as the Parthenon (all things considered). An awe-inspiring sight, especially when put in historical context using the information provided. I am very much looking forward to diving it again and guiding divers through its features. Well done!"

Papagiannis Nikolaos Georgios 

PADI Open water Scuba Instructor /Specialties Instructor

"Diving in the classical shipwreck of Peristera in Alonissos Island is a four-dimension trip, in space and in time. It is an opportunity both to divers and non-divers to dive in history and at the same time explore the underwater natural heritage of the island."

Papadimitriou Kimon

Dr Rural & Surveying Engineering / Scuba Instructor 

The understanding and appreciation for the underwater treasures of the Mediterranean Sea supports our scientific mission for the studying and protection of underwater cultural assets in the MED, creating links between people and the underwater Cultural Heritage.

Billy Voukalis

Economist / OWSI Dive Instructor

The character of the project is important for those interested in our Mediterranean underwater cultural heritage and at the same time is an asset for any professional involved in such activities.

Let’s be aware-our Med sea and it’s eternal underwater treasures are to be preserved…"